Visitor management made easy. Welcome your guests and visitors with the new digital receptionist provided by AskCod®y. Allow your guests to register themselves and automatically inform the meeting host about your guest’s arrival. Automatically print out guest passes/name tags and create an overview of today’s visitors. 

This is guest registration the way it should be! Optimising time by compiling multiple administrative functions into one solution. Who are coming today, who are they visiting, which meeting are they attending, which visitors are currently in the company? These are all relevant daily questions for the receptionist or people at the front desk regarding the company’s visitors. With Welcome+registration of guests, printing of guest passes/name tags and notifications to the host of the meeting is now handled automatically.

Welcome+ is an Intuitive, modern and professional visitor registration solution from AskCody® that takes care of the daily questions at the front desk. Front desk employees will experience a significant improvement in their working procedures and tasks, and guests will automatically be provided with the needed information and always feel welcome at your company.

Guest registration has never been easier

Welcome+ welcomes your guests in an intuitive and accommodating manner that immediately invites to interaction. Your guest is registered through three simple steps and immediately receives a receipt either as a printed guest pass/name tag with the company’s logo or through email. At the same time the host is informed about the arrival of the guest by email or with a text message (seperate subscription needed). Users/hosts are easily managed through he underlying AskCody® Manager or via integration with Microsoft Active Directory.

Welcome+ always logs guests to provide an easy overview for administrators. For the security of the company, it is important that the reception always has a full overview of which guests who are in the company at any given time. Evacuation reports can be compiled and printed out at any time.

Finally, the look and feel of Welcome+ can be customized to reflect your company ́s identity and branding. With Welcome+ your company registers its visitors in a secure, easy and professional manner that tracks visitors and which employee is hosting them. Each visit is logged which means that a full history of all visitors and which employee that hosted him/her can be viewed at any time.

Why Welcome+

· Optimising time and ressources
· Improved security and access to visitor history
· Prints name tags
· Prints Wi-Fi access for visitors
· Email notification – automatic email notification to the host upon the visitor ́s check in.
· SMS-notification – automatic SMS notification to the host upon the visitor ́s check-in.
· Email/SMS confirmation for guests with customized information
· Multiple language possibilities ensure correct guidance to visitors at registration.
· Customized to reflect company identity