Create an amazing indoor way finding experience. Guide you visitors and daily users indoors on their own smartphone. Find your way to people, destinations, events, appointments, and points of interest. No more wasting time, No more feeling lost. 

Indoor wayfinding made easy

AskCody® WayFinderTM is leading the way indoors and gives you the information you need – when you need it!

¬Provide a fast and easy to use wayfinding experience for your visitors and daily users

¬Refocus your resources on what’s important to your business

AskCody® WayFinderTM is the ideal solution for large and dynamic indoor environments where wayfinding is important. WayFinder will guide you to your destination whether it ́s a specific room, an event like an appointment or a seminar, or even a person.

Use AskCody® WayFinderTM to improve way- finding at your campus or venue for both visitors and daily users. This creates a nicer, more relaxed and efficient atmosphere for eveyone while freeing up your resources to do their job rather than showing people the way.

Where’s that room again? Where’s my meeting?

As a key element of the total AskCody® solution package the WayFinderTM will guide you to your destination whether it is finding people, rooms, or points of interest. You can even search for and get directions to specific meetings, appointments or other events when integrating with the AskCody® Booking+TM online calendar and resource booking system, which integrates seamlessly with both Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and Google Calender. You can even book meeting rooms directly on your smartphone.

AskCody® WayFinderTM works on major smartphone platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It’s a very light-weight solution, fast and efficient giving you the directions you need when you need them! Now your staff can refocus on their job rather than helping visitors find their destination. Meets tomorrow’s demands of utilizing flexible rooms and facilities

AskCody® WayFinderTM is the first system of its kind to offer integration between wayfind- ing and room booking directly on the smart- phone. The system is based on a flexible architecture with integration into both Google Calender and Microsoft Outlook.

AskCody® is the smartphone based indoor wayfinding revolution that combines user scenarios related to both indoor wayfinding, digital signage and meeting room administraton. For a complete and fully integrated digital wayfinding experienceadd the AskCody® ActivityViewTM for the full overview of building activity and AskCody® Today+TM digital signs for specific rooms.