Digital door signs made easy. Show today’s activities and let users reserve the room right there on the digital door sign. Flexible, dynamic and easy to use. Improve your meeting room efficiency instantly. 

Show today’s activities and let users schedule events directly from the digital door sign. Flexible, dynamic and easy to use! Improve your meeting room efficiency instantly by providing employees and visitors with a complete overview of the day’s meeting activities.

Fully integrated and synchonized signs take away the hassle of finding unoccupied meeting rooms, interruptions in the middle of meetings, and misunderstandings with regard to bookings. AskCody® Today+ is a dynamic digital door sign that shows today’s activities for a given room and gives your company a professional, interactive, cost effective, and flexible digital signage solution for meeting rooms.

Today+ makes the booking status clear and visible for all right at the meeting room door, and it makes it easy for visitors and guests to find the right meeting room when attending your meetings. The design of Today+ can be tailored to reflect your company profile and the digital door sign can be mounted in both portrait and landscape mode.

AskCody® Today+ works out of the box with calendar systems like Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar (No additional SW needed). Book as usual via Outlook or Google Calendar, through the cloud or by using your smartphone or tablet. The events are updated instantly on Today+.

Schedule new meetings from Today+

Today+ lets users schedule events directly on the screen. When the meeting is scheduled, the event is automatically saved to your calendar system so that all systems are up-to-date instantly with meeting room availability. The intuitive interface along with the fact that no new software needs be installed, allow all employees to start using Today+ immediately.

Integration with AskCody Booking+ also allows for additional options like catering administration and facility management. The interactive features optimize the utilization of the company’s meeting room resources. Combine Today+ with ActivityView to get a complete and up-to-date overview of all meetings across rooms.

Why Today+

· Save money by optimizing resources – book instantly from Today+

· Save time with an instantly updated overview of activities and available timeslots

· Avoid interruptions in the middle of meetings

· Improve company identity and image