About Marcal

Marcal has been developing signposting systems since 1987. It works closely with the most rigorous architects, graphic designers and users, both on content, and on shape, texture and colour, to ensure that these systems convey every aspect of the meaning and concepts involved.

Signposting is a unique medium, since it addresses only one of our five senses: the sense of sight. This is the sense most used by people on the move, which is why it is so difficult to address. If the sign is too discreet, it will pass unnoticed; if it is too imposing, it will interfere with the viewer’s overall interpretation of his or her environment.

Successful signposting must identify the receiver and sender of the messages it wishes to convey: Who is the speaker and to whom is the message addressed? It must adapt to the existing “built-up environment” while delivering messages of welcome, guidance, information and identification to the “receiver”. As an integral part of the building, signposting must discreetly highlight its organisation and function while taking into account the needs of permanent occupants and occasional visitors. If it is too insistent, it overwhelms the occupant; if it is too subtle, it irritates the visitor.

Signposting systems are structurally attached to a building but functionally dependent on the “sender” of the message. Thus, they must combine the permanence of the man_made object with the open_ended potential of their “living” content. If too permanent, they quickly become obsolete; if too ephemeral, they lose credibility.

The difficulties of reconciling all these contradictions means that signposting often fails to hit the right note-in other words, fails to combine a sound grasp of many complex factors and a well-thought_out procedure.

Marcal has been exploring this medium since 1987, offering solutions, in terms both of finished products and consulting. It works with the most talented architects, designers and graphic artists to develop products of very high quality, by choosing the most durable materials and applying a rigorous approach to industrial design that gives equal weight to function and the aesthetic aspect.

Marcal signposting products come with a 10_year warranty, reflecting their quality but also the fact that the buyer must be assured of long-term availability.

Marcal uses a network of rigorously selected partners to market its products and know-how. These partners must have the resources to guarantee a quality service in the building. Even more important, they must possess the expertise required to assist the prime contractor or user with practical implementation of the medium.