Eclisse Unilateral

Two Opposite Doors into One Pocket

Unilateral frame allows two opposite doors to slide into the same pocket.

It requires only a single frame’s overall dimension, but it hosts two parallel doors going in opposite directions. It is ideal when you have two parallel doors and a short wall space, as in corridors and hall entrances.

“Exploits even the tightest of spaces”

Frame For Two Doors Side By Side – Finished Wall Thickness 175mm

Frame For 2 Doors Side By SideFrame For 2 Doors Side By SideFrame For 2 Doors Side By SideDoor Panel UKDoor Panel UK
Max. Passage Size PW x PHOverall Width W x HFinished WallStandard DWStandard DH
600 x 20301982 x 21151756262040
700 x 20302282 x 21151757262040
800 x 20302582 x 21151758262040
900 x 20302882 x 21151759262040
1000 x 20303182 x 211517510262040
585 x 19711952 x 20561752ft. 0in. x 6ft. 6in.(610 x 1981mm)
661 x 19712204 x 20561752ft. 3in. x 6ft. 6in.(686 x 1981mm)
737 x 19712456 x 20561752ft. 6in. x 6ft. 6in.(762 x 1981mm)
813 x 19712608 x 20561752ft. 9in. x 6ft. 6in.(838 x 1981mm)
900 x 19712882 x 20561753ft. 0in. x 6ft. 6in.(914 x 1981mm)


Suitable for use with 35 – 44 mm thick doors Max. door weight 80 kg. (120 kg. on request) When fitting flush pull handles we recommend the stop be regulated so the door protudes from the pocket to avoid risk to fingers. Should the door be set to enter the pocket completely we do not accept any liability. Doors, plasterboard and final architrave not supplied.