Double Telescopic Sliding

Pocket Door System. Telescopic double has four panels sliding into two pockets. This is a perfect choice in large areas like meeting rooms and offices. This solution gives the maximum opening and light for the shortest wall space.

“Flexible work space when you need it”

Frame For Two Sets Of Parallel Doors – Finished Wall Thickness 180mm

Frames For Two Sets Of Parallel DoorsFrames For Two Sets Of Parallel DoorsFrames For Two Sets Of Parallel DoorsDoor Panel UKDoor Panel UK
Max. Passage Size PW x PHOverall DimensionFinished WallStandard DWStandard DH
2300 x 20303644 x 21151806262040
2700 x 20304244 x 21151807262040
3100 x 20304844 x 21151808262040
3500 x 20305444 x 21151809262040
3900 x 20306044 x 211518010262040
2236 x 19713580 x 20561802ft. 0in. x 6ft. 6in.(610 x 1981mm)
2540 x 19714084 x 20561802ft. 3in. x 6ft. 6in.(686 x 1981mm)
2844 x 19714588 x 20561802ft. 6in. x 6ft. 6in.(762 x 1981mm)
3148 x 19714892 x 20561802ft. 9in. x 6ft. 6in.(838 x 1981mm)
3452 x 19715396 x 20561803ft. 0in. x 6ft. 6in.(914 x 1981mm)


Suitable for use with 35 – 44 mm thick doors Max. door weight 80 kg.
Doors, plasterboard and final architrave not supplied.
When fully open the leading door projects 9 cm. out of the pocket.