Eclisse Novanta

Fold and Slide Pocket Door system

Half slide – half hinged, the Novanta has a single door which slides a bit and hinges a bit, for those areas where there’s not enough wall space for the standard unit, like a small utility room or a WC.

“The perfect ‘Little Loo’ door”

Frames For Sectional Doors – Finished Wall Thickness 100 or 125mm

Frames From Sectional DoorsFrames From Sectional DoorsFrames From Sectional DoorsDoor PanelDoor PanelDoor Panel
Max. Passage Size PW x PHOverall Dimension W x HFinished WallStandard DW1Standard DW2Standard DH
600 x 2000/21001001 x 2085/2185100 or 1253503102010/2110
700 x 2000/21001201 x 2085/2185100 or 1254003602010/2110
800 x 2000/21001301 x 2085/2185100 or 1254504102010/2110
900 x 2000/21001501 x 2085/2185100 or 1255004602010/2110
1000 x 2000/21001601 x 2085/2185100 or 1255505102010/2110


Max. door weight 80 kg.
Door included, supplied with cherry walnut real wood veneer, paint/stain ready.
Hinges included.
Plasterboard and final architrave not supplied.