Eclisse Glass Doors

Throw a whole new light on your en-suite, kitchen, utility, storage…in fact, wherever you want!  The Eclisse sliding door system gives you extra space and the frameless glass door creates a lighter, roomier feel to any area.

These quality doors are made by Karis, a highly respected glass maker near Venice in Italy, in tempered safety glass that fully complies with the European norms UNI7142 and UNI7697.

Many different types and styles are available – apart from our standard satin finish glass doors you can choose from a wide range of sandblasted patterns, coloured glass inserts or hand painted designs by Venetian artists.

We can also supply transparent glass or glass with your own designs (subject to approval by the factory). Click on GLASS DOORS below to see the whole range available: satin frosting, patterned frosted, hand painted and NEW ALUMINIUM FRAMED.