Eclisse Double

Double sliding pocket door system

The perfect way to open up two separate rooms into one big space. From intimate to open plan in one easy movement. The double sliding door system gives you flexible space creating the ideal modern living environment. A huge range of both UK standard sizes and made-to-measure systems (for doors up to 2m wide and almost 3m high) is available. Endless possibilities to transform your surroundings.

“Intimate to open plan in a second”

Frames For Double Doors – Finished Wall Thickness 100 or 125 mm    

Frames For Double DoorsFrames For Double DoorsFrames For Double DoorsDoor Panel UKDoor Panel UK
Max. Passage Size PW x PHOverall Dimension W x HFinished WallStandard DWStandard DH
1200 x 20302494 x 2115100 or 1256262040
1400 x 20302894 x 2115100 or 1257262040
1600 x 20303294 x 2115100 or 1258262040
1800 x 20303694 x 2115100 or 1259262040
2000 x 20304094 x 2115100 or 12510262040
1170 x 19712464 x 2056100 or 1252ft. 0in. x 6ft. 6in.(610 x 1981mm)
1322 x 19712816 x 2056100 or 1252ft. 3in. x 6ft. 6in.(686 x 1981mm)
1474 x 19713168 x 2056100 or 1252ft. 6in. x 6ft. 6in.(762 x 1981mm)
1626 x 19713320 x 2056100 or 1252ft. 9in. x 6ft. 6in.(838 x 1981mm)
1800 x 19713694 x 2056100 or 1253ft. 0in. x 6ft. 6in.(914 x 1981mm)


Suitable for use with 35 – 44 mm thick doors Max. door weight 80 kg. (120 kg. on request)

When fitting flush pull handles we recommend the stop be regulated so the door protudes from the pocket to avoid risk to fingers.
Should the door be set to enter the pocket completely we do not accept any liability.

Doors, plasterboard and final architrave not supplied.