Clay-One – Lock Management In The Cloud

No software installation, scaling on any device, secured login, intuitive design, anything you may expect from today’s cloud solution is in Manage locks, people, messages and access rights with no hassle.

The Dashboard always gives you up to date information and remote management of all Clay components through the dashboard. It’s all there: Door status, last entries and events, alarms and the possibility to open and lock doors remotely.

Access right, who, where, when…
What no conventional key can do is changing access rights on the fly. gives you the opportunity to individually determine who enters when and where. And if you want to change that just log-in, make your changes and it’s done. No updating of ClayTag or Clay Doorlock required. Have you ever been able to do this with your current lock?

Messages offers you a message center that allows you to self-configure messages. For instance: who entered when or a message letting you know that a door was left open. And any message can have its own recipients and 3 receiving device types: Email, SMS and App Push Messages.

Clay understands the importance of security. That’s why we have incorporated state of the art security measures in all our components and more important: we will keep updating that permanently. Not always visible but always there.

Remote Opening
One of the cool but really functional features of Clay is the remote opening of doors with secure OneTimePassword technology. You may not use it every day but when you need it you will be happy it’s there.

Any Device, Any Platform has been developed supporting all the latest browsers, devices and operating systems. From iOS to Windows and from laptop to Ipad.

Block Users

Compose Messages


Open Doors – Report

Compose Access Group

Configure System

Manage Users

Send Messages