Clay Tag – Meet Your New Key

The Clay Tag is the smallest of the Clay family but highly secure and just as good-looking. The heart of the tag holds the most secure RFID chip available in the market to make sure that its impossible to duplicate the Tag ID.

No Batteries
The ClayTag is a passive device meaning that it doesn’t hold a battery. The power needed for communication comes from Clay Doorlock/Cylinder so the ClayTag never runs out of energy.

The Looks
When designing Clay we noticed that many tags are, let’s say, a bit dull. We decided to make the ClayTag something nice to fit your personal taste with our 5 colors.

You can add any ClayTag to your system but once they are added they will only work on the doors that you want them to work on. The RFID technology used is the same as in many governmental and military applications and uses the so called AES algorithm.

Adding Tags
To add tags you just select one of your doors and use the secured 2 minute window to present them at the lock. Once added they are yours forever!

Blocking Tags
In case someone has lost or did not return one of your tags you simply block them via My-Clay. Blocking is real-time without any delay and when you retrieve a tag you simply unblock it.

1 Tag But 5 Colors
No one is alike and Clay understands. That’s why the ClayTag will be available in 5 colors: Black, White and 3 Greens!

Black – Tag

White – Tag

Dark Green – Tag

Light Green – Tag

Black – Tag

White – Tag

Green – Tag

Yellow – Tag