Clay Repeater – Extended Possibilities

The Clay Repeater allows you to extend the distance between the ClayIQ and your locks. ClayIQ and locks can be 1—15 meters apart but each time you add a Clay Repeater you extend this with 15 meters. You may add 3 repeaters in between a ClayIQ and a lock which means that maximum distance between door and ClayIQ can go up to 60 meters.

As with all components in a Clay installation the Clay Repeater is fully wireless. The Clay Repeater comes with a Clay power adapter. Simply plug this in and that’s it.

Activation Code
To make sure that it’s you who is adding a Clay Repeater you enter your activation code in Clay sends you a SMS and when that matches the Clay Repeater is connected to your account indefinitely.

The Clay Repeater has the same intuitive LED notification as the ClayIQ. This means that besides through My-Clay messaging also a visual notification on the device itself will inform you about the wellbeing of your Clay system.

1, 2 or Three
Add up to three repeaters in between your lock and the ClayIQ. That will cover quite an office!

No Configuration
Like every component in your Clay system, the repeater needs no configuration or set-up. Plug it in and it works.

Office Move?
If you ever move offices and your ClayIQ and Clay Locks are a bit further apart. Just add a repeater and you are all set.


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