Clay IQ – The Heart Of Clay

The ClayIQ is the center of the Clay Universe. It connects your wireless locks to the My-Clay cloud. Mount the ClayIQ with the included mount bracket, plug it into the power outlet and activate it in your My-Clay account.

The ClayIQ doesn’t use Wifi but manages the internet connectivity by itself. The rule of thumb is that wherever you can make a cellular phone call you can install a ClayIQ. Maximum distance to the Clay locks and cylinders is 10 meters but in case you need more we have Clay Repeaters available to go up to 60 meters.

Remote Locations
If you have a single remote door the ClayIQ is a great way to avoid major investments. Add an additional ClayIQ to your account and manage that single door fully integrated in your My-Clay account.

No Additional Cost
All cost for the connectivity of the ClayIQ is covered within your selected subscription plan. No surprises, just straight forward and you are in control.

Plug And Clay
The ClayIQ finds its way into the cloud all by itself. 2 screws a power socket and you’re done.

It Always Fits
The ClayIQ bracket adapts to your situation. Mounting it horizontal or vertical, whatever suits you best.

The Clay IQ As A Heart 
To let you know everything works fine the ClayIQ gives a green LED beam every 5 minutes.


Clay IQ – Extends

LED – Signals

Versatile – Mounting


Easy – Mounting

Todays Design

Connect – Repeaters