Integrate the solutions from AskCody® with your existing calendar system and create a complete, dynamic and flexible digital signage and indoor wayfinding solution. 

AskCody Integrates into all world leading calendar systems! Integrate the solutions from AskCody in your calendar system and create the most dynamic and flexible kind of digital signage, room booking system, visitor management solution and indoor wayfinding ever seen.

The digital signage system, the booking system, the indoor wayfinding solution and the digital and interactive guest registration system from AskCody provides a solution with direct integra– tion for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange through OWA.

When booking and scheduelling meeting activities in Exchange, Outlook or Google Calendar the activities are always visual and updated across all the solutions from AskCody. Similarly activities are created an updated in Exchange when activities are booked on the Today+ Digital door signs or in AskCody Booking+ for Outlook.

This includes current meeting information, status of the room and upcoming events resulting in more efficient utilization of your resources. On the digital signage solutions current meeting information, status of the room and upcoming events are displayed and always visible which instantly improves your meeting room efficiency.

Our integrations for calendar system are availa – ble for Exchange 2007, 2010, 2014, Office365 and Google Calendar. All communication between the AskCody web server and your Exchange server/Google Apps is web-based through the Exchange Webservices which is a default part of Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2014 or through Google Apps.

How It Works
AskCody enables communication between the various products and Exchange through the AskCody web server. You will need to add a new AskCody user with access to the mailboxes of the particular Exchange resources that have to be displayed on Today+, on ActivityView, in the WayFinder, on the Welcome+ or in the Booking+ for Outlook respec- tively (e.g.,, etc.).

You will have to provide us with a list of all your resources to be added to our web server, as well as the username and password for the AskCody account, as well ad the web address of your Outlook Web Access.

Instant Updates!
Our web server communicates with Exchange automatic and updates the AskCody solutions when a new meeting is scheduled on your Exchange server and the Exhange calendar updates if users make bookings from an AskCody service.