Meeting and resource booking made easy. A simple web based all-in-one booking solution that creates a simple, structured and optimized workflow for all users involved in planning meetings. Provides all users with a quick and easy overview of available timeslots, catering, and meeting resources, as well as easy to use administration tools. 

Effective and user friendly meeting planning. AskCody® Booking+TM is a web based room booking solution that makes it easy to manage shared resources like meeting rooms and auditoriums. It’s an effective and user friendly meeting planning tool and resource booking solution for use in private enterprises, public institutions and associations.

Additional options are available like integration with catering sevices for ordering of food & beverages
as well as handling the administration and invoic- ing for the facilities. The Booking+TM backend offers the capability to define different user levels with different rights. This way it is possible to allow for some users to only book meeting rooms and others to book both rooms and catering.

AskCody® Booking+TM makes it easy to book meeting catering and meeting equipment as add on to your meeting, and automatically update digital overview signs and doorsigns from AskCody® as well as AskCody® WayFinderTM, making it easy for everyone to find their way to the meeting.

Booking+TM works as a stand-alone web based system, which works well in large settings like convention centers and hotels or in multi-user environments, where a number of offices share several meeting rooms. Booking+TM also integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Active Directory (See Booking+ for Outlook).

A simplified workflow for all involved in meeting booking. AskCody® BookingTM creates a simplified, struc – tured and optimized workflow for all employees involved in meeting planning, catering and meeting room equipment. The company provide their employees with optimal conditions for booking meeting rooms and daily meeting activities so that the natural meeting activities do not take up too many working hours in the company every day wasting resources.

Without an intelligent booking solution finding available meeting rooms and planning meeting activities can be cumbersome. All contact between meeting organisers, the individual departments, attendees to the meeting, the kitchen and the facility management department is typically done by email, telephone or a physical visit. Typically, these many systems are not synchronized or integrated into each other, which often leads to mistakes as well as extra work. The same procedure is repeated when meetings are changed or cancelled, resulting in a significant waste of time

Using AskCody® Booking+TM meeting planning procedures become more structured and simplified and the consolidation of unintegrated and unsyn- chronized systems leads to efficiency, flexibility
and user satisfaction, just as misunderstandings and extra work are minimised or eliminated completely.

Why AskCody® Booking+TM
· Provides all users a quick and easy overview of available meeting rooms, catering options, and today’s activities.
· The manual processes are automated and optimized, as well as double bookings, booking errors, and double work are prevented.
· Provides an integrated and synchronized booking system making it fast and secure to book meeting resources – all in one working procedure.
· Provides the administrators a solution in which they can easily add, edit, and delete users, catering options and available meeting rooms.
· A professional booking solution that reflects company identity.
· A professional solution that does not touch the company’s business-critical Exchange Server.
· A Cloud based service – accessible from every – where in the world.
· Provides the kitchen with automated reports on ordered catering for meetings.
· A professional backend for automatic updating digitale signage, optimizing resources at the front desk and providing guests and visitors the infor- mation they need ariving at your facility, making them feel welcome.