Digital signage made easy. Show the full overview of today’s current and upcoming activities and make all information available for everyone. Show what, when and where making it easy for everyone to find their way to the right location.

ActivityView from AskCody ® provides a clean and easy-to-read view of today’s activities and helps you find your destination. ActivityView integrates with other AskCody ® products and together with Today+, Booking+ and WayFinder they present a complete solution for digital signage and wayfinding.

Provide everyone with one complete overview of the day’s meeting activities and improve your meeting room efficiency instantly. Welcome guests and visitors with a professional digital signage solution showing the way to their meetings. The difficulty in finding unoccupied meeting rooms, interruptions in the middle of meetings, and misunderstandings with regard to bookings are often due to confusing routines, unintegrated and unsynchronized systems and cumbersome techniques.

ActivityView from AskCody makes it easy for your daily users and visitors to get an overview of today’s events and meeting activities and makes it easy to find the event they are attending. ActivityView makes all information about current and upcoming events available for users and visitors and shows when the events start and where they are located. Together with Today+ it is the most flexible and easy-to-use dynamic digital signage.

Reflects Company Profile

The design of ActivityView can be designed to reflect your company profile and the sign can be mounted in both portrait and landscape mode. ActivityView can be configured to both room view and list view. Room view provides you with an instant overview of up to six meeting rooms (two meetings at each room) and availability of the meeting room. Shows the availability by color coding green when available and red when occupied.

List view show all meeting activities for all meeting rooms in a dynamic list which is updated instantly. AskCody ® works out of the box with calendar systems like Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar (no additional SW needed). When events are updated, relocated or new meetings are added, ActivityView is automatically updated. When an event is over it simply rolls off the screen.

Why ActivityView

– Makes it easy for visitors to find out where their event takes place.
– Clear and dynamic information with a design to match company identity and branding.
– Integrated into your calendar system – content updates automatically and instantly.
– Saves costs compared to complex and customized solutions with non-dynamic content.
– Web based and hardware independent.