Soft Closing

At last, the closing system we all love in our kitchens, that soft, slow satisfying sound of a drawer gently closing, but for sliding doors – glass as well as wood. Our Soft Close System is easy to use – just slide the door in the direction of the closed position and Soft Close takes over, moving the door gently and evenly towards the closed position.

It’s safer, less risk of accidentally trapped fingers. And quieter, cuts out any inadvertant slamming noise. And, best of all, it’s easy to install and it can be installed retrospectively.

Available in three different versions:

  • to be used together with our Self-Close system. Maximum door weight is 40 kg when using with Self Close.
  • for door panels from 20 to 40 kg;
  • for door panels over 40 kg (up to 50 kg).

For double door systems using door panels up to 25+25 kg this device closes the panel softly. Above this door panel weight to a maximum of 50kg per panel, the doors are slowed but complete closing cannot be guaranteed.

Works with with Eclisse sliding pocket door systems only.